Journey of the Tapes

Community as Family

The story below is one of those stories that my father intermittently told my brother and I while we were growing up. We loved the idea of gangs as protectors, of clubs organized around mutual survival, and I loved the idea that feuding factions could find common cause and move forward.  […]

Reggie and the NAACP- Part 2- Endings 2

With Nat Burbridge as President and my father as Education Chair, the San Francisco Chapter of the NAACP kept promoting change in the early 1960’s.  Some of it was more political, getting S.F.’s first Black firemen trained and hired, getting the principal at John Muir Elementary School fired after he, […]

Reggie Wrestles with the NAACP – Part 1 3

 Dr. Thomas Nathaniel (Nat) Burbridge was one my father’s best friends in San Francisco. Together the two of them led an effective and lasting impact improving various sectors through, to my father’s mind especially, and unlikely organization, the NAACP.  How about we go to the last thing that we did […]