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I am a very private person.  I rarely go on Facebook with the happenings in my life. I especially don’t brag about my blessings. I live in what can only be called an embarrassment of riches, my mate, my children and grandchildren, all of my family extending out, my writing and performing, my lovely home, my work of substance, so much to acknowledge.  I was raised to be circumspect, to be quiet.  Yet in today’s world there is the expectation of public revealing.  And sometimes there is a need.

gregandi smallerMy husband and I are nearing the fifth anniversary of our public celebration of marriage. (We eloped in June but had a celebration the end of August) It is a real-life marriage with peaks and valleys. Although if you counted the days of discord and laid them next to the days of laughter, the discord would add up to whimpers in the corner.

No, I won’t share the specifics. No details, no innuendo.  But I will say that in these years I have grown to know what true love is.  Sometimes it is just hanging on through the storm. Sometimes it is just allowing pure joy in.  Sometimes it is accepting the love of another without reservation. Always it is giving love without reservation. Sometimes it is caring more deeply about fulfilling another’s needs than your own. Yes, I had that last one with my children, grandchildren even, but never so with a grown man. I am woman, hear me roar, was more of my modus operandi.

So I write this brief missive today to shout, “I love my husband.”  I love my husband like I have never loved another man. And what I love most about him is his heart, his big, tender, embracing heart. I like the way he makes me think about things in different ways. I like the way he provides me with new experiences. I enjoy our ventures and adventures. I love to look at him, especially when he smiles at me, but even when he sleeps. But I love most of all his heart and spirit. He does what he can to lift me up and keep me strong. He does what he can to make it easy for me to write. He helps me in a myriad of ways. I appreciate it all.  But what I love is his heart.  And I keep that love in my heart, my very private heart.

So this one is for Greg, to publicly acknowledge his goodness, to let him know that I need to brag a little bit about how wonderful he is, to remind him of how important he is to me.


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