Please buy and read real books!  Buy them at independent bookstores if you can. My books are also available for purchase online if you don’t have or can’t get to your local independent bookstore.









Books I Have Edited

postcardFAMSF secretsFAMSF mirrorfamsf river






Anthologies and Periodicals

These are some of the books or periodicals I have been honored to be a part of:







Local Bookstores

Again, I invite you to support your local independent bookstore! These are the places which keep author’s with fresh ideas and voices alive. Some of them also have an online arm. These are the places that encourage independent thought and progressive action.

A few in my area include:

Marcus Books  (currently only in Oakland, but new San Francisco location opening soon.)

Modern Times Bookstore  A collective bookstore

City Lights  a historic bastion of free speech with a really wide ranging and selection

and in Seattle

Elliott Bay Book Company  so supportive of independent presses

If you want me to list your favorite independent tell me where it is and why you love it.