The Day Tumikia Saved My Life

Well to be absolutely factual, I might, maybe even probably, would have lived. Everyone on that part of the bridge at that moment did not die. One man who was driving a truck layed down on the floor as the roof of his truck crushed towards him. He lived. But […]

Revolution Books Under Siege 2

 I love bookstores. On more than one occasion I have said, by way of introduction, “My name is devorah and I am a bookaholic.”  I love independent bookstores that have core values and intriguing book offerings. Bookstores, independent bookstores are a bastion of free speech, free thinking.  That is why […]

Hurricane Fable 2

Of course, there were always hurricanes. Saharan winds astir with West Atlantic seas traveled west crossing the Atlantic. But there are those who say the character has changed since the days of American slavers.  African storms, born on African shores now  cross the Atlantic gaining strength and bearing down on […]

Statues, History and Change

My mouth is full of porcupine needles.  I pull them out one at a time.  There is so much to say and nothing more to say about the virulent public rise of Neo-Nazis, KKK and other White Supremacists Americans.  It is not just the horrors of Charlottesville or the impressive […]

Private Heart, Public Love 20

I am a very private person.  I rarely go on Facebook with the happenings in my life. I especially don’t brag about my blessings. I live in what can only be called an embarrassment of riches, my mate, my children and grandchildren, all of my family extending out, my writing […]

Community as Family

The story below is one of those stories that my father intermittently told my brother and I while we were growing up. We loved the idea of gangs as protectors, of clubs organized around mutual survival, and I loved the idea that feuding factions could find common cause and move forward.  […]