Reggie Wrestles with the NAACP – Part 1 2

 Dr. Thomas Nathaniel (Nat) Burbridge was one my father’s best friends in San Francisco. Together the two of them led an effective and lasting impact improving various sectors through, to my father’s mind especially, and unlikely organization, the NAACP.  How about we go to the last thing that we did […]

Journey of the Tapes: Culture Informed by Heritage

We started this conversation with me asking if my father had been a “race man” (a precursor to Black Nationalism where Blacks valued and uplifted people of African descent and supported aggregation of the race. Race Men Carby is an interesting look at people she considers race men.) It was […]

Journey of the Tapes: Reggie Grows a Politic

My father mostly defined himself as an anarchist. Not the cliché definition of those who want chaos and violence but the idea of a freedom from hierarchy and the idea of freedom for the individual with social responsibility as a part of the construct. We needed to be brought up […]

Journey of the Tapes: Reggie Goes to Camp 2

  This is the time of years when many parents and children start thinking about the possibility of summer camp.  I remember my overnight summer camp experience, a Quaker camp that watered and fed the seeds of peace already planted in me. My father’s camp experience gave him his own […]