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“Working with devorah major has done more to enhance my poetry and poetics than the practice of daily poems I generate in pursuit of an MFA.  The opportunity to work with her one-on-one feels like an apprenticeship to a master whose finely-tuned eye is turned to my work gently and directly correcting and guiding my poetry to clarity.

Ms. major has shown me patterns my poems were falling into.  Working with her has given me practical tools and a deeply-informed critical perspective to make me a better poet.  I can say confidently I am a better poet thanks to devorah major’s generosity as a reader, grace as a poet, and thoughtful expertise as an instructor and counsel.  My emerging poems are a testament to her guidance.”

Mimi Gonzalez – (Noemi Rose)


“I have known Devorah for years and one thing always that strikes me about her is noticeable energy, and fire in her words and heart which  reflects in her work as a poet and as a editor”

Mahnaz Badihian – Poet,Artist

I have been writing, publishing, teaching writing, and leading writing workshops, as well as working with individual writers for over 25 years. Some of the services I provide include:


Writing Coaching

I want to help you write the poems and stories of your heart. I can help you:

  • develop your unique voice
  • strengthen your creative process
  • help to identify possible markets
  • develop plan for writing career

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I can help you find the weaknesses in you or your client’s manuscript and help you to bring out its full potential.

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Artist in Residency

I can help you define and flesh out the project you want to work on in the community.  I have designed projects for schools (Kindergarten through college), community organizations, prisons and jails, half-way houses, and senior centers.  I will help you writing a strong proposal which looks at ideas for evaluation and documentation.

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